How to Shave Your Vagina

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How to Shave Your Vagina



Sometimes you just have to repeat yourself.  Here’s one of our older posts that is still a favorite.

But First, a Little Story…

I remember the first time a man ever asked me to shave my vagina. I was in ninth grade, he was in tenth. We were innocently watching a movie together in his room when one thing led to another and before I knew it his sneaky fingers were down my pants. We had an exhilarating fingering session, the threat of being caught “red-handed” by a supervisory adult adding to the heat of the moment.

Then we heard it. His mother calling us to dinner. The hand was immediately gone and our clothes were hurriedly straightened. After a few deep breaths to wash the tell-tale color from our cheeks, we headed for the dining room. Dinner. Silly chatting. Time to go home.

As we were getting our coats, he pulled me into an empty room for the last of our nightly stolen kisses. He brushed a strand of hair behind my ear, romantically gazed into my eyes and said, “Would you shave everything for me?”

The next few seconds seemed like an eternity as I tried to reconcile what I thought he was going to say with what exactly he meant by what he did say! In my naivety it honestly took me a while to connect the dots. Then it hit me, and I must have turned all shades of red. What kind of girl did he think I was, asking me to do something as scandalous as that?! I was both furious and curiously aroused at his request.

Turns out he was right about me. I was exactly that kind of girl…Or would be in a couple more years. By the time I was a senior in high school shaving “down there” was as routine as brushing my teeth. Too bad he was long gone by then…

The Easy-to-Do, No-Itching, No-Bumps Guide to Shaving Your Favorite Vagina:

Step 1: Trim everything down to a manageable length for shaving – usually a quarter inch (1 cm) or less is good.

Step 2: Spend a few minutes soaking in a tub of warm (not too hot!) water or standing under a warm shower.

Although it might seem easy to skip this step, don’t! The warm water makes skin softer and more pliant. You’ll get a much closer shave and a lot less irritation than if you try to shave right away. Using bath oils to help moisturize the sensitive skin is also a great idea!

Step 3: Use a specialized shaving cream that is designed for those extra special parts of the body.

Not only are these shaving creams designed to be extra gentle, they are formulated to help reduce razor burn – which is exactly what causes those icky red bumps and itchy skin. Trust me, when you run your silky smooth vagina up and down his thigh you want it to be for completely sexual purposes – not because you literally have an itch that needs scratching! Enjoy the lathering process, it’s a great “excuse” to rub yourself (or your partner) in all the right places…

Step 4: Shave in the direction of the hair growth, and then in the opposite direction.

This really does make the process easier since almost all of the hair is gently removed with the first shave. Shaving against the direction of the hair growth evens out the shave, makes it as smooth as possible, and decreases the chance of ingrown hairs. If you start off by shaving against the hair you’ll be more likely to irritate the skin.

**Also, when shaving the outer lips I find it helpful to make a “V” shape with my first and middle fingers,placing one on the inner lip and the other at the crease of my thigh. This spreads the outer lip taught, making the shaving surface flatter while protecting the inner lip from accidental cuts.

Step 5: Rinse with warm water and apply an extra-sensitive moisturizer to the entire area.

Again, don’t skip this step! Applying a moisturizer immediately after the shave will help to prevent excessive dryness. Plus, many of these moisturizers have wonderfully alluring scents and some go as far as being edible…But for the life of me I can’t imagine why anyone would want that…

Step 6: Enjoy your perfectly smooth, luxuriously silky lips to the fullest while they last.

Because as we all know, it won’t be long before you’ll need to shave all over again. But somehow I think you’ll find a way to turn this chore into a sensually naughty treat!

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  1. A friend on Fet gave me this tip, and it works beautifully. Use your hair conditioner instead of shaving cream. If you buy a bottle of an inexpensive brand it is much less expensive than specialized shaving creams too.
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