What would you do?

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What would you do?

So this is my first ever experience meeting someone from an “adult dating site”.  Ah, not to be confused with all those ‘meet the man of your dreams’ sites, this one was pretty specific about it being quite sexually open.  When I found that site, totally by accident, I started a profile just for fun (I know I probably already wrote that before)  but I found it fascinating, intriguing, jaw dropping and incredibly interesting and really wanted to see what kind of response I got.

After being stunned by the number of emails I got as well as the photos (omg, and I don’t say that very often) I’ll admit I was quite flattered.   Although it took a little while to take that big first step of contacting someone fairly close to me, I picked someone who seemed intelligent enough, the photo was appealing, I thought I’d take a chance.

We wrote back and forth for a bit, then even talked on the phone.  He wanted to meet right away. (yes, there are several problems with the way I did this, but that’s another post)  I still wasn’t sure what I was doing, so I figured I’d check him out in person without him knowing.

He’d told me owned a business and in what town, so I took a drive down to check it out.  My plan wasn’t the best as he knew me the second I walked in the door.  He came over to me, showed me around the store, took me upstairs to a loft area and proceeded to grab me, kiss me, grope me, etc.  Then, with a store full of customers, he wanted me on my knees as he whipped his hard cock out of his jeans.

I was going to write all the details, but thought it might be way more interesting to find out,  what would you have done?



  1. I think I’d slap him and walk away, but that is just me, projecting from a wholly different mind set.

  2. I’d say something along the line of “Slow down. I just wanted to see who you were.” And if he kept going, I’d get out of here ASAP. If he backed away and apologised, I might see him again (depending how sincere he sounds), but i’d be a lot more wary.

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