Fun with Dick and Jane

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Fun with Dick and Jane

I don’t think they make those books anymore, do they?   So I guess my title should have been different, but I’ll leave it at that just for fun.

Adult dating site.  Wow.  When I first signed up on an adult dating site, I was stunned by what I read and even more by what I saw!!  So this is what I’ve been missing??? 

I looked around, which didn’t mean a whole lot because as a standard member on that site, I didn’t get to see or do much. It took a while to navigate and even longer to realize all was not as it seemed.  First off, there were a lot of guys that thought that women were immensely turned on by their motorcycle.  Sometimes just the bike.  Then other times some distant photo of them on the bike. I still can’t quite figure that one out. (see photo)  Not sure how that’s a turn on?

Then there’s the cock shots.  Some are impressive and… some are not.  I think if you have something to show, than by all means let me see, otherwise you might want to skip those. :)

So I read profiles, I looked at little tiny thumbnail photos and started reading the hundreds of emails that I got from all around the world.  Whoa!  Now that was a definite boost to my feminine ego.  Quite the assorted notes, but I’ll go into that later.

My first response was to a guy in Australia.  Yep, halfway around the world.  Why?  Because he was safe.  I knew there would be no pressure and I’d probably never meet him. lol  Then it moved to US and then to my state and then even to someone close by… and that’s when the fun started. *smile*



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