Which is the Best Candle Wax to Use During Foreplay?

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Which is the Best Candle Wax to Use During Foreplay?

So you want to get a little kinky in bed. Well, using candle wax is a great place to start.

First things first…is try it on yourself. Testing is the best way to see which you prefer and how each feels. You will also know how it feels on someone else’s skin. Would you serve a meal without tasting it first? No. So drip away on YOURSELF first.


Votive candles have a low melting point and next up is wider paraffin candles which are “hotter”. If you enjoy a little pain with your pleasure there are colored candles. Due to the color additive they tend to burn hotter than most candles.

Depending on the pain threshold, and if you’re a beginner, we say the best place to start is with soy candles. Not only do they burn cleaner and come in amazing scents, but they’re perfect for virgin skin.¬†Sure it tingles, that’s the point of it all.

If you want a quick clean up, massage some oil on the skin first.


Little small drops, ease one into the sensation of candle wax dripping. Do NOT glop a large amount onto the skin, for risk of burning your lover. We don’t know need to tell you this…but…NEVER drip wax on someone’s face. You do not want the wax rolling into someone’s eye.

Always be careful with burning candles, especially in the bedroom. Keep curtains, pillows and any other kind of object away from them. We only want your lover burning up for your love, not burnin down the house. ;)

Happy Wax Dripping!

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