My Boyfriend Doesn’t Want to Have Sex With Me Anymore

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My Boyfriend Doesn’t Want to Have Sex With Me Anymore

You’re sex life was going so well. Your bedroom antics took place at least once a day or at least 5 times a week. You’ve noticed things have tapered down. You’re lucky if you have sex once a week, if that. What could be the problem? Many things.

Don’t automatically think it’s you, or another women. First, try spicing things up. Sometimes relationships require a “boost”. We’re only human and we get bogged down in life. Try on sexy outfits, playfully offer your man a blow job when he’s least expecting it. Little things that add the caliente-ness back into things. If that doesn’t work…have a chat.

Don’t say “We need to talk”, your man will automatically go on the offensive. It conjurs up ultimatums and negativity. It could very well be that stress is a factor. Outside sources tend to drag us down. Find out if this is an issue. Work might be taking it toll. Possibly a family matter. The important thing is to find out where you’re partner is, emotionally. Whatever is on his mind could be taking a toll on his sexdrive.

It is never a good thing to stew in your own doubts. You will, without realizing it, react in ways that might exacerbate the issue. Have a friendly chat and ‘be there’ for your boyfriend. You might learn something you were unaware of. He’ll feel understood and voila. Amazing sex.¬†Sometimes the littlest things can turn your sex life around.

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