My Most Grievous Fault – Part III

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My Most Grievous Fault – Part III

And now, for the third and final installment of “Mea Culpa”

(This sinfully erotic tale is sponsored by Beautiful Agony)

Inhaling deeply, his lungs filling with her aroma,  a camphor to his wounded soul. As he exhaled he felt the balm of her scent seeping into himself, soothing the angst and confusion felt from both a lifetime of want as well as the last hour of agony spent with her here. mae culpa, erotica, erotic, catholic, church, christian, priest, forbidden, enigmaHesitantly, eagerly his eyes opened to yet another assault on his already embattled senses, he took in all that he saw. The cream of her soft skin upon her thighs struck him first with their seemingly silken perfection. The V of her legs began pulling his attention irresistibly towards their center. Her swollen lips were an undeniable feast for his ravenous eyes.

Pouting beautifully in their robust arousal they glistened like pearls of light in the faint glow of the candles behind him. His body yearning painfully to answer her moist center as it gripped involuntarily in need for his attentions. A warming sensation spread outward and overtook his senses as his heart pounded within his chest, the beat of it seeming to match her own as if in unison.

There was a tight pull within him when he looked up beyond her down-covered fleshy mound to her stomach as it rose and fell with a steady and quickened rhythm. He felt mesmerized watching her breasts rise and fall with a cadence jutting defiantly from her chest.

Proudly adorning them were bright pink nipples at their peaks, hardened by a body infused with arousal and anticipation. Her excitement pushed him deep within his seemingly hidden appetites. His eyes roamed over her skin which was awash in sheen of glinting beads of perspiration. He licked his lips for what seemed like the thousandth time as her hips beginning a gradual but steady undulation in her fevered state.

“Oh…god oh.” She hadn’t realized that the voice breaking the silence of their union was her own. But as quickly as the realization had come it was quickly lost in folds of this erotic fabric.Her body seemed alive as never before. Waves upon waves rippling just beneath her skin with every swirling pass of his warm, wet tongue.

For each wrapping of his lips around her clit there seemed to be a matching flush of deepening desire. Her thighs parted with a wantonness of their own volition. A series or emotions slithered through her with uncontrolled continuity. A deliciously palpable blending of desire, exposure, surrender, increasing awareness and need.

But above all….the need. A ravenous, blinded, self-absorbed impulse. It was like nothing she’d ever, ever felt in her life. It was a living, breathing animal within her. She could feel it. It’s all she could feel. She existed in a state of arousal that left little to no room for any other emotion, thought or sensation. She floated in it and lost coherency of thought. Her sense of cognitive awareness melting away as if dissolving like the Eucharist upon the tongue.

christian, church, catholic, mea culpa, father, priest, religon

He felt at one with her. He was aware of a particular and overwhelming sensation. A shared soul between them. Her heart beating as if it were his own. Her exhilarating offering a wet and heated feast against his lips emitted a pulsing akin to that within his head and between his legs.

He had been up early many mornings immersed in a thickened haze surrounding the church grounds. Fog so impenetrable it hung heavy upon his skin obliterating the world around him leaving him with a haunting impression as if God himself had washed away the world and left his parish untouched.

Had not Lott and his daughters gained knowledge of one another following the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah? Was not man and woman meant to lie together by design? Is this experience so scornful? With that last self-affirmation he submitted to desire long repressed and too deeply ignored.

Casting off what was left of his vestments he looked upon her one more time as she lay there writhing in rapturous delight. He could not hold back a moment more as he lay with her, his fingers delving deeply into her sodden center. She gasped and moaned deeply, shamelessly clamping down upon his fingers.

He felt emboldened. Eager to test her. Eager to push her. He added a third finger to the first two already inside and was rewarded with a cascading gush of liquid coating his palm. Looking up to her face contorted beautifully in orgasm, her mouth moving silently but expressing all she felt.

Relenting completely to his compelling urge he was upon her. Taking himself in his hand he guided the sensitive and rubbery tip to her molten center. One thrust and he was buried deep within her. She gripped him as if born to it. Her thighs wrapping around his waist, pulling him deeper inside.

As if possessed, she ground her sex down upon his turgid shaft. He was in pure ecstasy. Gripping her hips, his fingertips digging into her flesh he held onto her as she instinctively milked him. He saw the heavens flash across his mind’s eye. His sight was similarly effected as his build to orgasm could be denied no longer.

She was lost to her instincts as an animal in heat. Her nails gouging his flesh while he oblivious to the small, bloody furrows she created in his arms, his chest, his thighs.

Heaven” was the only word that could escape his lips as a jetting torrent burst forth from both body and soul to fill her to the brim with his seed.

Heaven…” he whispered again, collapsing onto her, her breasts pressing scrumptiously against his heaving chest.

The world closing in around him, darkness falling like a veil over his sight, into her neck he managed to whisper..

Heaven help me..

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