Are Self-Made Sex Tapes Self-Destructive?

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Are Self-Made Sex Tapes Self-Destructive?

Kim Kardashian, Pamela Anderson, Paris Hilton, the list goes on. (Literally) But what would posses someone to paint the tabloids with their naughty bits? Narcissistic? Maybe. Exhibitionist? Probably. But Self-Destructive?!

Sexy Star Dancer


Umm…that’s going a little far I think.

According to an article published today in US Magazine Online, some sexperts think Hollywood Upity-Ups continue to make sex tapes in the privacy of their own homes (and relationships) because they are self-destructive. Sexually exploitative folks are cast in the light of “not being able to control themselves” and “narcissistic” because every now and then they like to have a camera rolling in the corner.

Harsh! Ouch!

I think most people enjoy the “naughtiness” of filming their sexual triumphs – particularly on those wonderful “I’m feeling super sexy” days we all have – regardless of whether you are a celebrity or just Jane Next Door. Unfortunately for celebrities their tapes get leaked to the world whereas every one else only has to worry about it leaking to Best-Friend-Bob or Co-Worker Sue.

Yes, difference of scope I guess…But in the big picture, why does anyone even care? Why can a silly sex tape end a career? Make people lose friends? It’s really not a huge secret that most people have sex with their partners! So, this time it happened to be filmed. Yey!

Also, US-Mag Sexpert ignores the fact that most Other Sexperts would see sex tapes as a good, healthy sign of a loving, playful relationship. One in which both partners are confident and comfortable with each other. It’s not a negative sign! It doesn’t mean private-wannabe-porn-stars lack self-control and go around doing socially unacceptable things all the time!

It just means they want to spice things up a little and would rather watch a replay of their own sexual adventures than a fake “oh-ah” commercial session on DVD.

After all, aren’t you in the mood for a down-and-dirty documentary sometimes?

Just consider them the “adult” portion of your “family” films. You’ll be happy you took them in 30 years when you look back and reminisce about the “good ‘ol days”! ;)

**PS – I was invited to take a look at that new sex site I mentioned before and it looks awesome! Still in it’s infancy, but the overall theme is great. I get to test drive it…will let you know more as it comes.**


  1. Not at all. They can be a lot of fun. :)

    You just need to be discreet and not let everyone else on the planet get a copy.

  2. I guess that it is self destructive in a way that they are going to regret it in the future. Maybe not now but when they become older.

    Palabuzz’s last blog post..Rihanna goes topless on GQ this January 2010

  3. Disagree. Maybe some couples might film themselves while subconsciously hoping that would sabotage their relationship, but I think most do it because they just like it. Theres a kinky allure in self-voyeurism.

    • I think, for some, it can either boost a person’s popularity (Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, Pamela Anderson) or it can ruin it (pick a politician, any politician).
      And sometimes we’d rather they didn’t do it at all. (Tom Sizemore)
      Great points everybody!

  4. Just thought i would comment and say neat design, did you code it yourself? Looks great.

  5. They’re not self destructive – they are great fun – just be sure to keep them locked away where you both need the key to get at them. Just in case …
    Voodoo Momma recently posted..Knife Block

    • Voodoo Momma I couldn’t agree more! Although I have to admit I do love amateur video. *blush*

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