Writing Your Online Dating Ad – Where To Begin?

Writing a personal ad for a dating site can be daunting. Yes, it’s basically a personal ad. You’re advertising yourself. True, you haven’t even met the man or women of your dreams or fantasy yet, but you do have to explain who you are and seem interesting and sexy enough to be chosen from hundreds of other people in the pool on the site. It’s very different than meeting in real-time face to face, where your personality and charm shine through.

It kind of sounds like a job interview right? Well, you should think of it as one, because you must sell yourself!

You have so much more room to be creative than for an employment position. Case in point: You can paint yourself to be a swashbuckling pirate and some chicks will dig that. Obviously, you don’t have to go that far – however some embellishment about your story will attract curiosity – which will lead to interest. So let’s get to it…

1. – First and foremost BE CREATIVE.

Whatever you do, try not to resort to the automated fill-out form window that allows you to plug your answer from a multiple choice drop down. If you’re going to take the easy route from the beginning, do not expect your pool of dashing Romeo’s and voluptuous Juliet’s to come pouring in as prospects. Be serious about yourself. You are not a fill-in-the-blank and neither should your story about who you are and what you want.

2. – Sure creativity is key, but DO NOT LIE.

Do not bait and switch and promote false advertising (about yourself). Sure, you’re sheltered behind your computer. The advantage of online dating is there is a security of not having to even leave your house. It’s simple and easy. For the most part yes. But fibbing about who you are, when the intention is to finally meet someone, is basically sabotaging your own happiness. Trust me…THEY WILL FIND OUT THE TRUTH. Remain close enough to the truth about who you are, while weaving a fantastically fun story which makes you intriguing.


Have a vision of your almost-perfect soul mate. Describe what you are looking for in someone else. This helps weed out potentials that you aren’t interested in. Sure you can throw out that net long and wide, but in it, you will gather lots everything. If you pinpoint the type of person you want to meet, meeting that type will be easier. Before you even begin your search, make yourself a list of characteristics you desire in another person. This will provide focus when writing up your blurb about yourself. Use these adjectives to describe your perfect mate. Ask and you might just receive.

These should get you going on your way to meeting Mr. or Ms. Right. Above all remember…it should be fun. Be open minded and enjoy yourself. If at first you don’t succeed, do not give up.