Do Women Have Different Types Of Orgasms? Myth Or Real?

Do Women Really Have Two Different Kinds of Orgasms?” I recently came across this question posted in a sex forum that I frequent and thought it was a topic that could certainly use some clarification!

There is only one kind of orgasm. The only difference is how an orgasm is triggered. For most women (roughly 70%) orgasm can only be achieved via clitoral stimulation. A much smaller group can have an orgasm via penetration (often referred to as a vaginal orgasm), and a very small group can reach orgasm either way. Then again, some women have orgasms with nipple stimulation alone, or can be “trained” to have an orgasm on command…but this is getting very involved and complicated!

No matter how orgasm is achieved, however, the reaction in the body is the same; increased circulation, respiration, flushing, increased muscular tension, and finally a series of intense vaginal and uterine contractions. The subjective experience of orgasm does differ depending on how it is triggered, varying in intensity, duration, and so forth. These differences in “feeling” have helped to perpetuate the myth of “different kinds” of orgasms.

Historically women were told that the only “real” orgasm was a vaginal one achieved by penetration alone, and that an orgasm brought about by clitoral stimulation was somehow “immature.” Yes, we have Freud to thank for this huge misconception. His idea left the vast majority of women thinking there was something wrong with them because they couldn’t orgasm just by having penetrative sex with their partners!

Thank goodness the feminists came along, with the help of Masters and Johnson, and set the record straight!