Which Are Better…Real or Fake Breasts?

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Which Are Better…Real or Fake Breasts?

The reality is…having real or fake (augmented) breasts is not a question of better, it’s a question of personal preference and money. Being able to surgically enhance ones body will eventually become a 21st century past time.

Years ago girls stuffed tissue in their bras to enhance their bust size. Whether to fill out a dress or to compete with the Homecoming Queen at high school, breast size has always been an issue with females. A quick stuff and off you go. Being a bit more chaste back then, girls didn’t have to worry about being “caught” with the tissue, if she happened to be at look-out point for a make-out session. But if she planned on going to second base, she could do a quick pull out and Johnny would be non the wiser. Perplexed maybe, but probably clueless.

Yes, these are real breasts.


Things have evolved since then.¬†Flat chested women no longer have to “feel like a boy”, they can add a cup size or three to their bust and finally feel womanly.

Implants have come along way. Not only are they becoming more advanced but they are lasting longer. Breast implants still need upkeep. They do not last forever. Eventually you will need to replace them.

Women’s breast have a tendency to sag after child birth, for them, breast augmentation is a blessing and gives them a major lift. (No pun intended.)

Then, there are those in the porn industry where breast size really matter. It is quite rare to see a 32A porn star.

So to ask which is better is all relative. Ask a guy and for the most part he will always say bigger is better. Ask a female and it’s all circumstantial and psychological.

Which do you prefer? Real or fake? Leave a comment and tell us why.

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